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Deng Long Jiao Chili, Whole | Red Lantern Chili


About this item

  • Deng Long Jiao chili is grown and harvested by farmers in China, who dry these popular red peppers (also called lantern chilis) before shipping to us for packaging. We package these premium peppers right away to seal in their Chinese chili flavor.
  • This premium Burma Spice dried chili pepper is ideal for your authentic Asian homemade meals that call for flavor, beautiful color, and moderate heat. Make an inviting and warm Sichuan boiled beef, or colorful stir-fry with beef, chicken, or tofu.
  • Also called lantern chilis, these little round peppers are smoky and very fragrant, with a mild to moderate heat (depending on where you stand on the spicy train). Deng Long Jiao Chinese chili is often left whole to add vibrant red color to dishes.
  • We hand pack small batches of our large lantern chilis so the package that arrives at your door retains rich, smoky flavor for your authentic Chinese meals. Try our customer satisfaction guarantee (or money back), and be prepared to fall in love.
  • This large container with a handle is perfect for restaurants, galleys, and active home chefs.

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