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Give a gift certificate to a friend! Available for one class registration ($69) to any regularly scheduled class or one privately scheduled ($275) class with Knead & Nosh!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why does this say December 31, 2023 at 8 am?
    • Please ignore that date and time! We’ve created a class in our event system to make it easier to manage gift certificates. When you purchase a gift certificate, you are purchasing a ticket in the same system that we use to manage enrollments in our classes. That makes it easier for us to transfer your gift certificate ticket into one of our regularly scheduled classes!
  2. How does my gift recipient learn about the gift?
    • During the checkout process, you can decide if you want Knead & Nosh to send an email to your gift recipient or if you’d prefer to be in control of the how and when. If you ask Knead & Nosh to email your gift recipient, please allow 24 hours for the email to be delivered.
  3. Will Knead & Nosh provide a gift certificate that can be emailed or gifted?
    • A personalized certificate (PDF) will be included in the email notification to your gift recipient if you choose to have Knead & Nosh make the notification. If you choose to notify your gift recipient yourself, you can also request a personalized certificate during checkout or you can download a printable blank version. Be sure to add the Ticket Number and Enrollment Code to the certificate or at least share them with your gift recipient. You’ll find those on your emailed receipt.
  4. How does my recipient redeem the gift certificate?
    • Gift certificates for individual class registrations can be redeemed by completing the redemption form found here:
    • To redeem a gift certificate, recipients will need the Ticket Number and Enrollment Code included in your emailed receipt.
  5. Are Gift Certificates transferable?
    • During checkout, you’ll tell Knead & Nosh the name and email of the recipient. If we get an email from that email address asking us to transfer the Gift Certificate to someone else, we’ll approve the transfer. If you really are unsure who you are giving it to, then enter your own name and email address as recipient.
  6. Do Gift Certificates expire?
    • Gift Certificates are good for 1 year from purchase date.

If you have additional questions about Gift Certificates, please contact us!


Remember these PDF gift certificates are only valid with the matching Ticket Number and Enrollment Code that will be included in your emailed receipt!

Redeem Gift Certificate

If you have a private class gift certificate, please contact us directly to schedule your class!