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New York Style Bagel Class

  • Length: 3 hours
  • Required Equipment: Food processor or robust stand mixer like a “bowl lift” Kitchen Aid or Ankarsrum mixer
  • Special Ingredients: High Gluten Flour or Vital Wheat Gluten, non-diastatic malt powder or malt barley syrup.

This is a hands-on class that will take you through the entire process of measuring and mixing your dough to portioning and shaping bagels, and finally to boiling and baking. We’ll touch on some basic bread concepts including why bakers weigh their flour and dough hydration as well as why bagels have holes!

Download: New York Style Bagels Class Packet (.pdf)

Recipe: New York Style Bagel Recipe

Bagels baked by class participants!

Class Agenda

Actual times may vary depending on the scheduled start time!

12:45 pm — If you have specific questions about equipment or ingredients, I’ll be online 15 minutes before our 1 pm start. Additionally, feel free to drop in early to meet other participants. 

1:00 pm Introductions and Overview

Knead to Know! All about Yeast, Flour, Gluten, & Equipment
Demo: How to mix the dough

Hands-on: Dough mixing and kneading

1:30 pm Kneading done – Bulk Fermentation begins

Bread Basics: Baker’s Percentages & Hydration
Demo: How to portion and pre-shape the dough

2:00 pm Hands-on: Dough Portioning & Pre-Shaping

Demo: How to shape a bagel

2:20 pm Hands-on: Bagel Shaping, prep half your bagels for an overnight cold proof.

Knead to Know! Proofing, fermentation, & floating. 
Demo: How to boil, add toppings, and bake

3:00 pm Hands-on: Boil your bagels, top, and bake!

Knead to Know! Why do bagels have holes? Why do we boil bagels? Best ways to store bagels

3:30 pm Bagels come out of the oven!

3:45 pm Nosh: Tasting time!  Have your favorite schmear ready! Wrap up!

4:00 pm Done!

Actual times may vary depending on the scheduled start time!

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