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New York Style Bagel Class

Bagels baked by class participants!

Sample Class Agenda

Actual times may vary depending on the scheduled start time!

12:45 pm — If you have specific questions about equipment or ingredients, I’ll be online 15 minutes before our 1 pm start. Additionally, feel free to drop in early to meet other participants. 

1:00 pm Introductions and Overview

Knead to Know! All about Yeast, Flour, Gluten, & Equipment
Demo: How to mix the dough

Hands-on: Dough mixing and kneading

1:30 pm Kneading done – Bulk Fermentation begins

Bread Basics: Baker’s Percentages & Hydration
Demo: How to portion and pre-shape the dough

2:00 pm Hands-on: Dough Portioning & Pre-Shaping

Demo: How to shape a bagel

2:20 pm Hands-on: Bagel Shaping, prep half your bagels for an overnight cold proof.

Knead to Know! Proofing, fermentation, & floating. 
Demo: How to boil, add toppings, and bake

3:00 pm Hands-on: Boil your bagels, top, and bake!

Knead to Know! Why do bagels have holes? Why do we boil bagels? Best ways to store bagels

3:30 pm Bagels come out of the oven!

3:45 pm Nosh: Tasting time!  Have your favorite schmear ready! Wrap up!

4:00 pm Done!

Actual times may vary depending on the scheduled start time!

Upcoming Classes

Join a group class!

Looking to join a class?  Online class tickets provides one Zoom login to an online class for up to two (2) adults. In-person class registration are per person. If you have kids, they can join too, but please make sure they remain under your direct supervision at all times! Tickets are $69 (online)/$79 (in-person).

Check out the calendar to see when the next class will be and to register! Each class listing will specify whether it’s in-person or online.

Create a private class!

If the published list of classes doesn’t fit your schedule, you can schedule a private class with Jeff. Invite your friends! Make it a party! Private online classes are $379 for up to 6 people plus $59 per person thereafter. For in-person classes, the base cost is $419 for up to 6 participants. Additional participants would be $72 per person. Additional costs may apply depending on where the class is hosted. To schedule a private class, please contact Jeff directly:

Local Pick Up Info

Brunswick • 179 Neptune Drive • Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program

All Thursday or Friday baking dates from 10AM to noon.

Brunswick • Bowdoin College • Polar Bear Statue

All Thursday or Friday baking dates from ~12:15-12:30PM

Yarmouth Farmer’s Market • 317 Main Street • Bickford Pavillion

All Thursday bake dates, 3-6PM.

June 13 • July 18 • August 15 • September 12 • October 10

Cumberland Farmer’s Market • 290 Tuttle Road • Cumberland Town Hall

Specific Saturdays, 10AM-1PM:

June 29 • July 6 • July 13 • July 27 • August 3 • August 10 • August 24 • August 31 • more TBA

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