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Class Description

Indulge in a captivating culinary adventure with our immersive Chinese Mooncake Cooking Class. Across a dynamic 2.5-hour session, you’ll craft traditional baked mooncakes from scratch, using provided round and square molds featuring six exquisite designs. These molds are yours to keep, along with a Chinese-style dumpling rolling pin.

Under expert guidance, you’ll master the art of mooncake dough and create two enticing fillings: the classic sweet red bean paste and a modern almond/walnut blend. As your creations bake, delve into the rich history and significance of mooncakes, uncovering their role in the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrated across China and Far East Asian countries.

All essential ingredients and equipment will be provided. You’ll depart not only with your freshly baked mooncakes but also newfound knowledge, a set of molds, a rolling pin, and a recipe packet for various mooncake fillings. Don’t miss this chance to explore tradition and flavor in one unforgettable experience. Reserve your spot today!

Length: 2.5 hours

The class is hosted and sponsored by Knead & Nosh, and it will take place at the Maine Tasting Center’s Education Center at 506 Old Bath Rd., Wiscasset, ME 04578 from 1PM to 3:30PM. This class is independent of the Maine Tasting Center’s regular calendar of classes.

Class Agenda

-(0:15) — If you have specific questions about equipment or ingredients, I’ll be available 15 minutes before the scheduled start. Additionally, feel free to drop in early to meet other participants.  

0:00  Introductions and Overview

0:10 Mooncake Dough

Demo: Mixing and preparing Mooncake dough

Hands-on: Mix and prepare your Mooncake dough.

0:35 Mooncake History and Lore

Hands-on: Make your filling.

0:50 Mooncake Filling

Demo: Preparing the nut filling and portioning your dough and fillings

Hands-on: Make your filling, portion your dough and fillings.

1:25  Assembling the Mooncakes

Demo: Rolling the dough, and assembling the Mooncakes.

Hands-on: Roll your dough and assemble your Mooncakes.

1:55 Bake the Mooncakes & More about Mooncakes – Snow Skin Mooncakes

2:02 First Bake complete followed by a 10 minute rest, then apply egg wash

Hands-on: Apply egg wash to your Mooncakes

2:15 Second Bake – Mooncakes return to the oven

2:22 Second Bake complete

2:30 Done!

Actual times may vary!

Upcoming Classes

Join a group class!

Looking to join a class? Check out the calendar to see when the next class will be and to register! Each ticket includes your own set of mooncake molds (two shapes, 6 decorative designs for each shape), and a dumpling rolling pin. If you have kids, they can join help out too, but please make sure they remain under your direct supervision at all times! Tickets are $79 each ($61 for additional companions who will share your mooncake molds — if each attendee would like their own set of equipment, purchase a regular ticket for each attendee)


Create a private class!

If the published list of classes doesn’t fit your schedule, you can schedule a private class with Jeff in you home kitchen. Invite your friends! Make it a party! Private classes are $399 for up to 6 people plus $59 per person thereafter. One (1) mooncake mold set and rolling pin per attendee. I can arrange a location to host in the Brunswick region if you prefer for an additional fee. To schedule a private class, please contact Jeff directly: