NY Bagels for the home baker

Welcome to the Learning Center! Below you’ll find resources that you can use at anytime to help you during class! Remember, to ask Jeff a question, simply find him in the participant list on the right side of your screen, and click his profile. You can “Wave” at him to let him know you have a question or click Locate on Map if you want Gather to help you find him. If you walk to him, when you are nearby, you will be able to talk over video!

Video Resources

The following videos area available as a review to content covered in the class. Please feel free to watch them if you need a refresher!

Measuring Flour Accurately
Introduction to Yeast
Mixing and Preparing Bagel Dough
Portioning and Pre-Shaping Bagel Dough
Rolling and Proofing Bagels
Boiling and Baking Bagels