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Class Description

  • Hands-on class
  • Some experience making dumplings with fresh dough recommended
  • Length: 3 hours



  • Har Gow (coming soon)

Class Agenda

-(0:15) — If you have specific questions about equipment or ingredients, I’ll be online 15 minutes before the scheduled start. Additionally, feel free to drop in early to meet other participants.  

0:00  Introductions and Overview

0:15 Dumpling Dough

Knead to Know! Different types of dough for different types of dumplings
Demo: Har Gow dough 

Hands-on: Mix and knead your dough.

0:35 Dumpling Filling

Knead to Know! What goes into a har Gow dumpling?
Demo: Making har gow filling.

Hands-on: Make your filling

1:00 Dumpling wrappers

Demo: Preparing dumpling wrappers

Hands-on: Make your first wrapper

1:00 Folding Har Gow

Demo: Pleating a har gow dumpling!

Hands-on: Make your first har gow dumpling!

1:20 Folding Har Gow

Hands-on: Practice makes perfect! Make more dumplings!

2:05 Cooking: Steam your Har Gow

2:20 Nosh: Tasting time!

2:35 Storing dumplings, questions and clean up

3:00 Done!

Actual times may vary!

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