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Chinese Dumplings and Bao Shopping List

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Bao in a steamer basket

Dumplings and Bao bring along some equipment needs for your kitchen. You can manage steaming dumplings/bao without any extra equipment, but if you want to upgrade your game, here’s a list of suggested tools. All links are affiliate links to Amazon.

Joyce Chen 2-Tier Bamboo Steamer Baskets, 10-Inch — Bamboo steamers are great for steaming dumplings, bao, and more. A 10-inch steamer is a common size that fits inside most woks. They also fit perfectly over the 6-quart instant pot, a great way to set up a steam base without using up space on your stove – just add water and use the saute feature!

Metal Steamer Basket — If you want a dishwasher-safe steamer basket, then you’ll want metals ones. Like bamboo ones, they come in multiple sizes. Choose the size that fits the pot you’ll use as the base. Make sure you also order a lid! You may need a steaming ring adapter.

Bamboo Steamer Heightening Ring – Comes in multiple sizes and adds ~1.5″ (4 cm) of height for your steamer baskets to allow you to steam taller bowls or containers — or really big bao!

Steaming Ring – Cooking Adapter for 8-13 Inch Bamboo Steamer — A steaming ring allows you to set a bamboo steamer over a variety of sized pots while also providing some level of scorching protection. This one is large enough to fit over most “spaghetti pots”.

Steamer liners — To help prevent sticking, and to keep your bamboo steamers clean, use liners. Made from paper or reusable silicone, these will make clean up easier, and ensure your dumplings and bao don’t stick to your steamer baskets.

10″ Dumpling Rolling Pin – When making dumplings and bao, a smaller rolling pin makes it far easier to prepare your wrappers. A traditional western pin is too big and cumbersome for the job.

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